Where do I start?

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QuestionsWhere do I start?
john chartrand
asked 2 years ago

With page builders and themes where do you start? If I use a page builder do I need to install a theme?

1 Answers
Stratos Karavarakis answered 2 years ago

Themes and Page Builders are 2 differnt things.

1 The theme is the template of the website and you can start from there and customize it and add content.

  • You can buy a theme according with what the site will be about (like if you want a real estate website there are templetes thet have almost everything prebuild for you to use).
  • You can buy a theme that can be used for multipurpose and customize it accordingly .
  • Or you can use a free theme that has less choices for customization.

2 The page builder is a plugin that will help you add the content to your theme and make it look awesome and exactly how you want to.

For a good looking website in most cases you need both.

But since you are making this question I am guessing you are new to wordpress.

So my advice is start with a free theme like astra and a free page builder like elementor and as you go you will see what you need.

Adam @ WPCrafter Staff replied 2 years ago

Couldn’t have answered it better myself!

john chartrand
replied 2 years ago

Thanks Stratos, that answers that concern.