When will the Elementor Essentials Course be updated?

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QuestionsCategory: ElementorWhen will the Elementor Essentials Course be updated?
Glenn Kieser
asked 3 months ago

Hi Adam – the Elementor Essentials Course page says “With the upcoming release of Elementor v2.1, some user interface changes are going to happen. Rest assured that this course will be updated after it's official release.

Elementor is at v2.6.8 as at August 2019.

When will the course be updated to cover the significant changes since pre2.1?



2 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 3 months ago

I should remove that notice because I did update the course. But with that said, the course is being completely re-recorded and rebranded Elementor Accelerator. Should be ready by the end of next month. 

Glenn Kieser
answered 3 months ago

Thanks for the prompt reply Adam. I'm looking forward to your new video course as I haven't used Elementor for a long time and it has changed quite a bit. Your videos are great mate.