What’s your opinion on sliders?

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QuestionsWhat’s your opinion on sliders?
Nelson Therrien asked 2 years ago

Hi Adam,

As you might know, I'm a fan of Thrive Architect… There are great things about Elementor (Pro), like more widgets, but for building a page (or for now, I've tested more on landing page), Thrive seems to be faster…

Anyway, one thing about TA is that it doesn't have sliders… I remember a post they've written last year about sliders : https://thrivethemes.com/why-sliders-suck/
All the Astra templates (and your site) seems to use just one image (or Hero) instead of a slider… but according to them, it's not really better (well, maybe a little more, but still to avoid) and they give many reasons…

I'd like you to read the post and share your opinion about it… Maybe it would make a good video idea as well…!


4 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

Well, I think that the folks at Thrive Themes don't like most sliders, 2015 sliders. And I would 100% agree. However, I think their position is too extreme. Here is an interesting article I read a few days ago, of course it is written by a company that sells sliders, but its still valuable. https://smartslider3.com/blog/why-the-research-against-sliders-is-wrong/

Naman Modi
answered 8 months ago

I suggest you go for Smart Slider 3. It is very easy to use and I used it whenever I required.

Nelson Therrien answered 8 months ago

Yeah, I've bought it since then… The lifetime account.

answered 8 months ago

However, I tried using Smart Slider 3 using thrive architect and it's not working! I wonder why?