What would you recommend for someone wanting to design websites for others

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QuestionsCategory: General QuestionsWhat would you recommend for someone wanting to design websites for others
Stephen Scheer
asked 11 months ago

I know this is a loaded question. What would be the most needed things. Hosting would be inmotion I use host gator and will be switching soon buying through your referral link. what would you recommend astra bundle? what theme from Astra? The most important what to charge? Including logo design, SEO, Face book page, and  Advertise.

3 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 11 months ago

Yes this is quite the loaded question lol. But it's ok. 
So with the Astra theme, it's just 1 theme and you use a page builder with it. This combo can create any website design that is needed. 
As far as charging goes, that depends too. In the beginning, you may have to do some low-cost websites and that's normal when starting out. But after each project you will get better and better so along with that your prices will increase. I would suggest the first site be $1k and really make sure that what is needed is clearly defined. You have to set the right expectations with your client so they are not expecting something that you are not going to be delivering. 
Now if you are going to also do those other services, that would be a monthly maintenance plan or marketing plan. For that the monthly charge can be all over the map, but you have to make sure you can deliver the expected results if you are going to charge for those services because your client will expect results. 

answered 11 months ago

I love this question and have been wondering the same thing.  I'm currently a Marketing Director, who is very tired of having to know a little of everything.  After re-doing my company's website in WP, I've decided I would be happiest focusing on website creation.  My question is, how much do I need to dive into learning SEO and knowing about keywords?  What about html and css?  

answered 11 months ago

Your question is great and I have actually wondered the same thing.  I'm a Marketing Director for a non-profit and wear a ton of hats.  Never boring but exhausting having to be a jack of all trades!  I built the company a new wp site last year and have been thinking about starting with a side business building websites.  I am definitely going to use Elemenator after watching Adam's videos – way better than the divi theme.  Curious about SEO.  How much does one need to know?  Is it hard to learn?  I had to hire a friend to help with the SEO on the site I created and she said SEO is an animal of its own.  Does anyone have any insights into SEO/Keywords, etc.?