What theme alternatives would you recommend me?

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QuestionsWhat theme alternatives would you recommend me?
Panda Studios asked 2 years ago

Hello everybody!

I thank you in advance for all your advise.

I found the perfect layout https://shopkeeper.wp-theme.design/ for an upcoming project I have 4 weeks to complete. The downside, like most themes out there, is built with Visual Composer (WP Bakery), which is a NO-no for me.

Do you have any theme layout similar to this or workflow suggestions? Ideally, I'm looking for a theme minimizing design customization.

Thank you.

2 Answers
Stratos Karavarakis answered 2 years ago

Check this theme https://themeforest.net/item/flatsome-multipurpose-responsive-woocommerce-theme/5484319

It is the number one selling and it is pretty good

Panda Studios replied 2 years ago

Thanks for your feedback Stratos. I actually build a site with Flatsome before. It’s pretty intuitive and It gets the job done. Although if you want more in-depth customizations I found myself limited on the front end. (You could potentially use your own CSS, not sure as I only work on the front end.

I ended up Using Ocean WP & Elementor Pro.

Thank you!

Temi Arjona
answered 2 years ago

Hi Statoe,

Is this theme compatible with Elementor Pro.

Many thanks,


Panda Studios replied 2 years ago

Shopkeeper Theme it’s NOT compatible with Elementor Pro. I had to inquire a refund as I didn’t end up using the theme.