QuestionsWhat is the best website setup for blogging, selling courses, and Ecommerce?
asked 1 year ago

Hello, Adam!
Thank you for the effort you put into the video tutorials. They are very helpful.

I am starting a new WordPress site from scratch.
How would you go about creating a site that is used for
1) Blogging,
2) Selling online courses (needs LMS functionality),
3) Selling merchandise (needs eCommerce functionality).

Would the best setup be the following:
1) Astra as the main theme,
2) Elementor as the builder,
3) LifterLMS as the LMS solution,
4) Woocommerce as the eCommerce solution.

Is it possible to have both LifterLMS and Woocommerce on one domain?
Or would I have to create a subdomain?

Thank you very much! Appreciate your advice!

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Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 1 year ago

That is exactly the combo I would use, in fact, it is the exact combo that I use, lol. Every base covered there.

I also recommend leaving it all on 1 domain.

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