QuestionsWhat is the best way/add-on to use chat in a One on One tutoring real time WP online courses?
Won Ton asked 1 year ago

Any other help/courses/videos that pertain to 1 on 1 WP online courses would be appreciated. I'm new at this and up to this point had planned to model my courses based on the WPCrafter courses, but didn't know if there was anything out there more specific towards personalized private lessons.

I was hoping for a fluid interactive private chat that could share and media and attachements or as many features as posible

Love your WPCrafter videos, and any help is greatly appreciated


1 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 1 year ago

This is best done outside of WordPress and your course. You can have a scheduling system and then use a paid service like Zoom.

I know of several folks that use Book Like A Boss for the scheduling.

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