QuestionsWhat is the advantage of using Astra Pro
Brendon Smale asked 1 year ago

Waiting for the final Divi essentials videos but in the meantime. If I’m using Divi Builder are there any advantages using Astra Pro over the Divi theme when building a site from scratch? Thanks.

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Stratos Karavarakis answered 1 year ago

Astra pro gives you more attributes to change in the customizer. With the pro you can do almost any changes you can think. You can see in the website what are the extra that you get.

The best solution for you is to login to GitHub and download a version of each to try it to a local installation. And then you can buy whatever you think is better for you

Brendon Smale replied 1 year ago

Thanks for that.

Brendon Smale replied 1 year ago

Thanks for that

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