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  • What do I need to make fitness videos online course?

  • Robert

    May 14, 2020 at 9:06 am

    Hello, im little confused so i will need help what i need to buy.
    Btw sorry about my english its not my language…

    What shoud i buy, for this what i need. I understand that i need LearnDash to buy via your referal link so i will get course free.

    What is astra, is that a platform where i just edit text and put videos?

    When i buy that is this mine lifetime or it shoud pay membership to stay active?

    So what i want to do:

    I want to make course, where people will enter and have videos like day 1 , 6 videos. day 2, 8 videos….

    I need to have an option to give them login name and pass after they buy a course, but i dont want them to buy via credit card, only paypal and moneybank transfer, because in my country most of people still dont use credits cards…

    Is that posible?

    If i understud good i need LearnDash?

    If i buy that, can i upload my videos on it, or i need to buy vooplayer and then i link them?
    Via vooplayer video cant be downloaded with right click download video?

    Once again im sorry for my grammer, and probubly strange questions, but i dont know how to ask them better.

    Can you post here link for referal?

    Ty for your time, best regards from Serbia.

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