QuestionsCategory: General QuestionsWhat happens to my existing website once I install WordPress from Softalicious apps installer?
alpachinco asked 8 months ago

Hi, I just watched the short video on WordPress provided by my hosting company MDD.

My current website was done in Drupal and the designer has left the country and I can now only change text and photos on my site. I am looking to WordPress as I wish to upgrade my site to that platform so I can install pixels etc and link it to my social media accounts.

So, my question is when I follow the video I just watched and put my domain address in the WordPress app installer, what happens to my existing website?

Sorry if that's a dumb question but I have this image of hitting the install button and from there my website suddenly disappears leaving me to design a new one quickly.

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Stratos Karavarakis answered 8 months ago

That is a very interest question. I have not try it and I guess that by hitting the install button the new files will be installed in the same place with the old one and with a new database. But there is a file named index.php that probably will replace the old one and the Drupal site will not work after that.
I guess that you have not done the installation yet.
The right way to do it is to create a subdomain in your site. Then install WordPress in the subdomain and you can work there without messing with your existing live site. When you finish there is a process to move the site form the subdomain to the main domain.
And of course backup before anything

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