What additional expenses are likely on having multiple domains

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QuestionsCategory: WordPress HostingWhat additional expenses are likely on having multiple domains
asked 1 year ago

Quick history…built several websites over 15 or more years..several successful, several great seo. Have one website now, pretty much deciding on A2 hosting for unlimited domains etc. Adam has plenty on WordPress, so going that route rather than old-school html /ftp I am used to coding my own sites.

My goal/need. Planning on lots of great content sites which are combos of content and eCommerce, great seo and some affiliate connections. I know a lot of how to Rank and know where to learn what I don't know
That said…

Most of the websites will be built around keywords/phrases etc and have some eCommerce purchasing but actually not a lot of products…Some of these websites will be heavily promoted locally via yard signs, brochures, postcards Craigslist etc. those websites will have niche urls and can be redirected to other better converting sites.

Some of these sites will be to bring traffic in(convert) via phone/google voice

As you can see… many sites , built on the fly via WordPress. I see in a few videos Adam uses Elementor but I saw somewhere there was a limit on sites  (I plan to fairly quickly have numerous ones). Am choosing the A2 host as they will migrate my old site and it should work until I replace it  via WordPress

What other expenses will I incur going down this path to multiple domains.? I see Elementor being at least the first one I have to upgrade….

I like getting some much-needed courses from Adam by buying the A2 hosting as well. Is there anything used there that has to be upgraded to multiple sites.?

1 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 1 year ago

So most themes and plugins have different licensing options. Elementor has a 1, 3, or unlimited license. Also the Astra Theme has an unlimited license.

Outside of hosting and the annual per domain registration fee, if you have these unlimited licenses for the software you use, there will be no additional cost per website.