Visual Composer and Elementor Pro working together

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QuestionsVisual Composer and Elementor Pro working together
asked 1 year ago

Hello Adam, I wrongly posted this question as an answer in another post. Sorry for that, my first time here…
Have to recreate more than 100 pages (quite complicated pages see here) from Visual Composer to Elementor Pro. I read you say I have to recreate each page, but, at least, should I leave both builders activated and build again each page with Elementor in the same page where VC are still there and then delete VC sections after having finished? It should be useful to see how was the page before and recreate images, and text and sections exactly as before but through Elementor. Thanks

1 Answers
Stratos Karavarakis answered 1 year ago

You cannot have 2 pages builder in the same page. You must start new pages with elementor