What is the best video hosting?

QuestionsWhat is the best video hosting?
Jerad Littlefield asked 2 years ago

video hosting Vimeo, Screencast by Camtasia or dropbox?

all about the same price.

also I remember a video about about video compression Adam did. just can't find it.


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Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

Right now I am using VooPlayer and really like it. I like the features, but am not that fond of how its run. They treat their customers poorly, well this has been my experience that I have voiced to them, but has fallen on deaf ears.

I think there aren't any better solutions right now though.

So out of your list, I would say Vimeo.

Peter Appleton answered 1 month ago

hello. question: Can I use Vooplayer inside China to play Youtube videos such as would a VPN? Will Vooplayer disguise Youtube as it is blocked in China. I am building an English video training program for Chinese students. If not, Do you have a suggestion for me? I worry I might have to build a site right inside China to accomplish my goal. But eventually, I want to expand internationally.

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