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John asked 1 year ago

Hi Adam.

Can you recommend a solid cloud storage provider for backing up several websites via UpdraftPlus? I've installed MainWP on a subdomain as per your amazing “How To Manage All Your Websites In 1 Dashboard FREE – MainWP Tutorial” video. I want to back up several WP websites to a single online cloud storage. I realize I may have to get the paid version of UpdraftPlus to be able to backup to individual folders… I was planning on using Google Drive (because Dropbox storage is too small), but I've read about several horror stories from people trying to get that scenario working properly. Can you please suggest something that will just work?

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Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 1 year ago

Yea, unfortunately, the generous Google Drive in a pain to set up. It's a google thing, not an Updrafts thing.

Also, I understand that the free Dropbox account is not enough storage to store a large number of backups. If you follow some of the best practices there that I talked about in my video on Updrafts, you can easily keep 20 typical websites backed up.

What I would suggest is taking a look at Amazon S3. It's very inexpensive.

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