QuestionsTransparent headers with Elementor Pro 2.0.
asked 1 year ago

How can I make transparent headers using Elementor Pro 2?

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marianco answered 1 year ago

Surprisingly, I don't think you can do transparent headers with Elementor Pro 2.x YET.
This would require Elementor to have set two colors for menu items – one for the transparent header and the other for sticky headers and regular headers such as in archive pages.
I would love to be corrected on this issue. But I don't see it yet.
Since I love a transparent header, I simply use Astra Pro's feature for transparent headers.

Michelle Pace answered 12 months ago

I had the same question. I searched for the word “transparent” in Elementor's docs – zero results. I am quite sure they do not have this capability yet.

Michelle Pace answered 12 months ago

I think I am mistaken, although I haven't done it myself on this elementor video I see a transparent header!

Michelle Pace answered 12 months ago

Transparent headers are available – with a little bit of a work around, see here

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