Toolset vs Elementor — or just what? & why?

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QuestionsToolset vs Elementor — or just what? & why?
Steve Ash
asked 1 year ago

Just beginning to use Elementor and Astra and reading Elementor's blog post re feature to create Single & Archive Post templates (YAY!):
Elementor Single & Archive Posts
Comments included requests for integration with “Toolset” which I've only heard of but have never considered. Briefly looking at Toolset's site it appears it provides tools similar to Elementor.
Is there something offered by Toolset not available in Elementor that you, Adam, or other “WPCrafters” feel are needed?

1 Answers
Stratos Karavarakis answered 1 year ago

Toolset is for creating custom post types (and some more)
Elementor is a page builder. They are not the same.
Start by using Elementor and when you reach to a point that you need to ad custom post types then look it up