Tips on using Astra Agency/Portfolio to Sell Websites

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QuestionsTips on using Astra Agency/Portfolio to Sell Websites
asked 2 years ago

Hi Adam,

First off, I'm a big fan of your videos! How do you crank out so much great content?

I just purchased Astra Agency. I didn't know I was going to get all that I did. I was looking to purchase Schema Pro. I love this white label portfolio option. I'm not sure I can figure out a good way to market it to clients. I know I can put it on page, maybe password it. I don't know if presenting that many choices to potential clients would paralyze their decision to choose. Do you have any best practices on how to make the most out of what Astra Agency is offering? A vid would be lovely.


3 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 1 year ago

First off, congratulations on choosing Astra Agency. It's such an awesome package they are offering.

Regarding your question, yes I do see how providing too many options would has the potential to be overwhelming to a potential customer. This is where the filters come in.

I would suggest deciding who you want your clients to be. Then make a targeted page on your website for each of these client groups. On that page I would use the portfolio shortcode for the 3 or 4 designs specifically for that group. This way you are showing the right sites to the right people and it will also help your seo by setting up these unique pages.

Websites For Dentists
Websites For Restaurants
Websites For Attorneys

Ramses Arias
answered 7 months ago

Thank you for your support Adam.
Quick question; how do you install one of those sites on a client\'s domain?
I mean; after the. Client decides what site he wants, how do take that specific prebuild site and go ahead and install it on my client domain.
How you can help me thank you

Giovanni Rivera
answered 6 months ago

I\'m planning to purchase the Lifetime Astra Agency, but I\'m not sure of 1 thing. When . I create a website for a client do I have always host their website on my hosting or can I hosted on their own host using my Astra Pro account?