QuestionsCategory: General QuestionsThriveArchitect vs. Elementor Pro for a Marketing-Focused Website
Artyom Karapetov asked 1 week ago

Hi Adam, 
Thank you so much for your site and YouTube channel, your content is extremely helpful! 
My co-founder and I are building a tutoring business, currently using Elementor as per your recommendation. The website is version 1.0 made half a year ago and I will be building a new version soon (most likely from scratch). 
Our business is 80% marketing/affiliate partnerships and 20% phone sales. I.e. it's a marketing driven business at its core. 
What do you think is the best course of action for us?
1. Astra + ThriveArchitect & other Thrive Plugins (we want to get Thrive marketing plugins anyways so might as well just use ThriveArchitect since it's part of the subscription) 
2. ThriveTheme + Thrive Architect & other Thrive Plugins
3. GeneratePress + Elementor Pro (what we're currently using, both subscriptions are running out soon) + something else to take care of marketing, like Convert Plug Pro or anything else you would recommend? 
Essentially what we're looking for is availability of templates, design process, ease of use and to use as little plugins as possible to reduce overall cost and complexity/bloat. A combo of theme + builder + digital marketing suite of plugins. 
Thank you! 

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