QuestionsWhat is the best theme for Thrive Architect
John asked 1 year ago


After much consideration and comparing the builders Beaver, Elementor and Thrive, I finally made the decision to go for Thrive Architect.

But my only question is: if I get Architect, do I need to buy a theme apart from it from Thrive Architect? I've been thinking on making the combo of Thrive and Astra. Will this be a better solution or is it not really necessary?

What is the actual bennefit of getting Astra? Thanks!

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Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 12 months ago

Pretty soon Thrive will have a new theme out that is specifically made to work with Thrive Architect.

But of course that is in the future and there is no telling how good it will be.

Right now I have been recommending Astra because it is a rock solid theme, after all it's what I am using, and it works great with Thrive Architect.

markm answered 7 months ago

Well now nearly July and still no theme. Architect doesn't work properly with their own themes so kind of a killer really, spent a fortune on architect and a couple of themes and what works in one theme wont work in another. Will not renew and gone with Beaver builder which actually seems to work without fault.

chasejj066 answered 6 months ago

Are these responses for REAL in 2018??
Dude There are tons of GREAT themes that work with Thrive Architect:
Seriously guys, you should check your facts.  These are literally inside the Thrive Memeber Area.

Mike answered 2 months ago

I\'m new to wordpress but will I be able to use Astra theme with a real estate listing feed like the IDX or DDF? 
I\'m ready to move to a wordpress platform where I can make my own adjustment and customization. 
Have you heard of Soldpress or Realtypress?

Harvey Gordon answered 1 month ago

Newbies usually fail to locate the theme \”Templates\” that Thrive Themes (Architect) provide as it requires reading the instructions or viewing a video .. lol .  In my humble opinion Thrive Architect, the Themes provided, and the Templates provided, along with their newest features as of Dec 2018, is everything you could want.  A PS note:  I think Thrive would do better if they promoted the Themes and Templates included more aggressively than they currently do.  -Best to all, -hg  

roy answered 1 month ago

If you have a simple blog, to run with no selling, Both are equally nice. Thrive Themes comes with a cost and there are many more conversion focused features. Divi is the intuitive WordPress Theme for quick and simple sites, it’s the best.

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