Thoughts a Events plugin with custom fields

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QuestionsThoughts a Events plugin with custom fields
asked 2 years ago

Currently using The Events Calendar  with ACF and looking to see if their is a better option out there, maybe a custom post type?

I use the calendar for auctions, we must do online auctions which have start and close dates plus a preview and pickup date/time. The preview and pickup date/date I currently using ACF using a text box and it works. I like them to be sorted by the ending date/time and stay on the current page until after the pickup date/time is over. Now here is the fun part we also do live auctions from time to time and they just have a start date/time.

I really think I could get fancy with a custom post type but my fear is the front end GUI as I am graphically challenge, I can handle some custom coding but making it pretty is my challenge.

Also I normally have a 100 photos or so on the auction event listing as well and it will be nice to have a drag and drop metabox for the photos.

Thanks for the advice

1 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

What tools are you using on your website?

I personally won't touch CPT's without using Beaver Themer. Also in the upcoming Elementor Pro 2.0 you can use Elementor to create CPT layouts.

When first reading your post I was thinking, is an events plugin the best tool for the job here. It wouldn't seem so to me.

Have you seen my video on PODS? PODS is a tool for creating custom post types & custom fields. Then you can use Beaver Themer to create your layouts. It's super easy.