There is a conflict with the Astra and the Elementor.

QuestionsThere is a conflict with the Astra and the Elementor.
John asked 1 year ago

Any fix for current conflict with Elementor and Astra? I bought Astra Pro & Elementor Pro at your recommended page. However, if I activite Astra Pro plugin, I can't Edit with Elementor. It pop up “the preview could not be loaded”. I ask my host provider support because I thought there is a problem with my database. However, after they go through my wp-admin, they told me there is a conflict with the Astra and the Elementor and they can't do anything. My host provider advise me to contact my plugin provider or I need to find an alternative plugin for the Astra. I just bought both of the plugin but still can't do anything. Please help me!

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Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 1 year ago

There is no conflict with Astra and Elementor. Hosts say that to pass the buck to someone else. I usually see that when there is another plugin installed on the website causing a problem with Elementor.

Are there other plugins installed on your website?

You can disable all the plugins except Elementor and then see if Elementor works. If it does, then activate the plugins 1 by 1 to see which is causing the problem.

You can also contact Elementor for support.

Abdul Najib Abdul Majid answered 1 year ago

Yes I did that for several time. I only found the problem when I activated astra plugin.

Abdul Najib Abdul Majid answered 1 year ago

My active plugin are : elementor and elementor pro, astra pro and Astra Starter Sites. I got this error

Although after I deactivate Astra Starter Sites. I still got the same error.

Graham answered 1 year ago

I have the same problem. Removed all but 2 plugins. Only when I switch back on the Astra Pro plugin do I get the error. Elementor Pro works with the WordPress theme 2017 and with GeneratePress. Have raised a ticket (4th March 2018) with Brainstorm/Astra. Will advise of the outcome.

dmak answered 1 year ago

I too have this issue.  A workaround is to check or uncheck disable title or disable featured image.  Then you should be able to load Elementor.  Then revert back.

simonsaysthis replied 1 year ago

I am frustrated no end. I cannot edit text properly in Elementor Pro. It keeps changing formatting and style to the default settings from Astra Pro.

Ivan Bárta answered 1 year ago

I had the similar problem. I couldnt open page with Elementor using Astra theme on my fresh instalation. It always ended as blank page. It was ok with Ocean WP and Twenty Sixteen. No other plugins installed. Today I have replaced Astra 1.3.3. with 1.4.0-beta and the problem is gone…

Charlene Prinsloo answered 1 year ago

Hi there, hope you can help, I followed yourtutorial on woocommerce and astra. Have customized astra theme with my look and feel. Did the product listing on the Woo commerce and then created some of the pages, home, about us with editing it in Elementor. When going to the Astra customizing and doing an overwiem of the website everything looks perfect. as soon as I launche the website it pulls through the pages that looks like the pages created but with header and footer pulling through as the woocommerce look? I'm new at development and know I am missing something somewhere?

Richard answered 1 year ago

I was having similar issues on several SiteGround websites. When I contacted support they added the following line to my .htacess file.
LimitRequestBody 99999999999
<IfModule mod_substitute.c>
SubstituteMaxLineLength 10M
That fixed the issue.

Audrey answered 9 months ago

We have the same issue. Can't use Elementor Pro and Astra Pro. So we're using Elementor Pro and just regular Astra. 

Teri Feibel answered 7 months ago

Having this same issue. I don’t see a resolve here. Can anyone help?

Karen answered 5 months ago

Im using Elementor and Astra – neither are Pro versions. Went down, fixed by host then down again when I added a page.  Itss driving me nuts.  Good to see Im not the only one!  Any solutions on this?  Gutenberg is the add-on recommended.  I dont know what this does – can i delete it?

Richard answered 4 months ago

If you use Cloudflare make sure that “Rocket Loader” is off. You may have problems with Elementor if it is enabled.

Karen answered 4 months ago

Don't use Cloudflare… Problem seems to have been resolved , maybe with an Astra update?  Is any one else having this problem now?

Marketer answered 4 months ago

I always have editing problems with elementor. I also use wp astra. Many times I fixed it ,but ıt happens again. Honestly not recommend

Marketer answered 4 months ago

I always have editing problems with elementor. I also use wp astra. Many times I fixed it ,but ıt happens again. Honestly not recommend

kel answered 3 months ago

I am running Astra and Elementor Pro, The Astra header that I have made has disappeared twice now, very frustrating. Settings are still all there in the configurator but it has disapeared from the page. The only solution is to create a new page and start over. I think I will be changing themes.

886Studio answered 2 months ago

It is hosting related issue. If you using cPanel – check error logs. Most likely you should see something similar to “PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of xxxxxx bytes exhausted”.
In this case go to your cPanel>MultiPHP INI Editor> Choose Home directory and at least double memory_limit or remove memory limit to see it its affecting your Elementor plugin. It should fix issue.
Hope it helps.

Alexey answered 1 month ago

Hi, please tell me, on my page 2 popup buttons, if you open one, the second one does not open until you reload the page

Nibha Thakur answered 4 days ago

Well,yes there is the problem with Astra Pro and Elementer compatibility,i tried all the possible testing and found this observation.

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