Theme customizer VS website builder?

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QuestionsTheme customizer VS website builder?
asked 2 years ago

Hi wpcrafter, first of all, thank you for your great videos across your website & youtube.
I'm now running an ecommerce website on WP/woocommerce, using OceanWP theme & Elementor free version. I'm now confused with the “customize” button on my theme and the Elementor builder which I cannot build any woocommerce related page on it. Should I go pro version or switch to another theme that I think it suits my website style?
Another questions, I would like to have multi-lingual website as well as multi currency on my website. Are there any suggestions on which plugins should I use and how to make all those stuffs work? Thank you so much!

1 Answers
Stratos Karavarakis answered 2 years ago

If the theme is not giving you the capability on customizing the woocommerce pages from the customizer then you must go to another theme. I do not know if ocean has a paid adon element for woocommerce. I looked in their website and didnot find any. But be aware that the customizor let's you choose colors fonts and other staff in those pages but will not help you build the entire page from scratch.

Currently elementor does not have a woocommerce page builder. I do not know if they will release any version that includes that capability.

If you want more choices in the woocommerce layout I would suggest to look the demo of flatsome theme.