The Right Way to Build a Landing Page.

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QuestionsThe Right Way to Build a Landing Page.
skylar woods
asked 2 years ago

We Have all been there,  Designing a landing page in whatever page builder you use Here are some tips to make sure It loads Lighting Fast.

1 Avoid Slider Plugins. (JavaScript slows it down)

2 You Should Use Optimized Images.

3 Keep It short. Don't ramble on keep that for other pages.

4 Use A CDN if necessary  I personally Would not use a CDN unless the site has over 100 images its just not that effective.

5 USE Cache. I personally use WP Speed of light because of there Site-ground Cache integrations.

6 The less plugins the Better.

Your goal is your TTFB (Time to first byte should be around 500Ms.

I have gotten Mine to .2 By doing the following.

Site-ground Grow Big.

Divi Theme

WP Speed Of Light + Addon

Super Cacher Levels 1,2,3 (Any Server Side cache will work)

PHP 7.2 (Newest PHP 10% improvements)

I don't Use A CDN for my site does NOT have enough Images.

Combine CSS,JS,Group JS. (I would Not use WP-Rocket) To Many settings that can get messed up.

Overall Keep it sort and sweet Don't overdo it. pings with .2ms

And Loads anywhere from 1-3 sec depending on locations and .5 sec after 2nt load.

Lastly, test in 3G 4G LTE does NOT EXIST Everywhere.

1 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

Great writeup, thank you!

skylar woods
replied 2 years ago

Yea, Though You should do a review on WP Speed Of Light. With a Siteground hosting account. Its pretty dam impressive got a TTFB Of .2 On my testing site