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asked 9 months ago

Hey Everyone,
Can you recommend a good table widget for Elementor? I'm looking at Ultimate Addons and Power Pack, and they both seem pretty good.
However, I'd like a widget that allows me to import existing HTML tables. (I really don't want to have to re-input the several multi-100-row tables I hand-coded ages ago.)
UA looks like it's a one-time fee whereas Power Pack looks like it's yearly so that alone gives UA the leg up.

I tried dropping in my hand-coded table into Elementor's page builder, but it treated the code as text.

Did I mention I'm still really new to WordPress? ;->

Thanks a ton!

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robertcampbll001 answered 9 months ago

Sigh. Forest and trees. Forest and trees.
I was so busy searching for a Table widget, I never noticed the HTML widget. Using that I was able to drop the table in as a fully coded entity.
Still might worth using Ultimate Addons for future tables, though…

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