SSL won’t work please help

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QuestionsCategory: WordPress SecuritySSL won’t work please help
asked 1 year ago

I use Cloudflare and Really Simple SSL, I went to ”change domains” on Hostgator which is what I used. There I changed both my name servers to what was suggested to me by Cloudflare, besides this I've activated Really Simple SSL but the green padlock doesn't seem to appear.

I've had it before! But it disappeared somehow.

2 Answers
Stratos Karavarakis answered 1 year ago

What is the site url?

jorcus answered 1 year ago

How're the Cloudflare DNS settings? Do you installed 2 SSL for your domain? If you installed 2 SSL in one domain, click on the orange cloud on Cloudflare DNS settings. It will be turned into Gray cloud.