How do I improve my WordPress site speed

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QuestionsHow do I improve my WordPress site speed
Theodora Farah
asked 2 years ago

Hi ,

I am asking about improving the site speed .

First, I checked my site speed using pingdom .

Then i installed Autoptimize and optimized all images , but unfortunately the site speed remain the same.

Please advice

2 Answers
Stratos Karavarakis answered 2 years ago


It would help if you post your site to have a look.

Thera are many steps that can improve your site spped. Autoptize as far as I know dows not affect image size and from my experience affect little of the site spped bud does well on website score grade.

  1. Reduce by hand the size of the picture and install a plugin for compresion like wp-smash
  2. Check that your websites wordpress and plugins are uptodate. Remove all the plugins that you don't use.
  3. Confirm that your webhost is using PHP 7 as Adam shows here:
  4. Install a cache plugin.
  5. As Adam says (constantly and he is right) the webhosting provider is crusial for the loading speed.

Those steps are some of many that you can do.

I would advice you to backup before anything so you would be sure.

Good luck with the proccess.

Naman Modi
answered 6 months ago

The thing that you have to check first is figuring out your website performance. Here, I exceptionally prescribe you utilizing pingdom. Which is the most generally utilizing site checking tool, enabling you to remain over your site execution.