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QuestionsCategory: General QuestionsSite Optimization
Stuart Kelly
asked 9 months ago

Hello Adam
I was wondering if you could have a look at my site for me and give me some advice on what is the best way to fix the problems please.
I am new to wordpress and want simple explanations Adam “like you give”
Also my Google analytics is telling me so many pages were not indexed due to a robots txt file.
I have removed the file but cannot figure out how to resubmit them.
The web address is :
Thank you in advance for your time Adam

1 Answers
Naman Modi
answered 8 months ago

For example, if your robots.txt record has this line in it; user-specialist: *Disallow:…Meta labels- Make beyond any doubt that the pages that is not getting listed doesn't have these meta labels in the. Which discloses to google what dynamic connections your would prefer not to get filed.On the off chance that you have a site that sets aside much opportunity to stack!