Should I remove the ithemes security plugin

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QuestionsShould I remove the ithemes security plugin
Joan Laws
asked 1 year ago

I recently reached out to a tech person on a forum asking for help to remove a line under my social media icons on my site. She instructed me to open EDITOR so she could help with this issue. I did not have EDITOR on my dashboard. She said that can happen if I have ithemes security plugin installed. I do have it installed, via WPCrafter's Youtube video. I disabled the plugin and then my EDITOR appeared. Now, should I remove ithemes security plugin and upload something else or should I just disable the plugin when I need to use my EDITOR (which will be very very very infrequent)?
Thank you ~

1 Answers
answered 1 year ago


Login to your WP site and go to your iThemes Security Settings. Once there you will see a tile called WordPress Tweaks. Click the Configure Settings button on the WordPress Tweaks tile. You will then see a series of checkboxes, one of which is File Editor. It is likely checked and says Disable File Editor beside it. When you want to use the WordPress File Editor, uncheck this box and save the settings. Your Editor should now appear under Appearance where it normally does. Once you have finished doing your edits, recheck the Disable File Editor checkbox to prevent access to the File Editor.

Joan Laws
replied 1 year ago

Thank you very much for your help with this. It worked like a charm. I copy & pasted your instructions so I never forget how to do this. Thanks again ~ Joan