Schema Pro still needed with Yoast SEO?

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QuestionsCategory: WordPress SEOSchema Pro still needed with Yoast SEO?
Edy Werder asked 4 months ago

Hello Adam,

I use Yoast SEO (not premium). I realize Yoast SEO is going to use more and more structured data. I was wondering if Schema Pro is still the better option or if I would get almost the same features and maybe more with Yoast SEO premium?

It's also a price question. Schema Pro pricing is for unlimited website, Yoast Premium I find not really cheap.


2 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 4 months ago

Great question Edy
So there is a massive difference in the types of schema offered and how you add the schema to your website. 
Yoast's schema is good and I am glad they are adding it. But you are still limited in the types of schema and you have to apply the schema individually to each post or page. 
WP Schema Pro, on the other hand, offers more schema types, but the big thing is that you can apply schema to your content via rules. It is infinitely more powerful and more useful. 
I try to explain it and show the differences in this video.

Why & How To Add Schema To Your WordPress Website For Better SEO

Edy Werder answered 4 months ago

Thanks Adam, I'm trying to ask smart questions.