Redesign with Elementor and Astra on a max width theme

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QuestionsRedesign with Elementor and Astra on a max width theme
asked 1 year ago

Really want to use Elementor PRO and Astra Pro theme but I want to use on my existing blog that has a fixed max width.

Sandbox Green Site
Problem # 1. I have a local server installed on my PC and I created a child theme for Astra but I am a little confused if it's possible to move my template CSS/HTML into this setup.
Currently, it's a WordPress site on a fixed design, but it's currently implemented statically.
Problem #2  How do I move a theme I created with Elementor to my main existing site?

1 Answers
Stratos Karavarakis answered 1 year ago
  1. You cannot use CSS and HTML from one theme to another except if you created the HTML and the CSS is for that exactly HTML
  2. You cannot create theme with elementor so I guess you mean pages.