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QuestionsCategory: General QuestionsRecommended Forms Plugin
Jacob Hill
asked 1 year ago

Hi Adam!
I love your videos! I'm trying to determine the best forms plugin for my situation. I don't mind spending $$$. I'm designing and hosting WordPress sites for my clients. Obviously I want to give them the power of WordPress, so the form creation process needs to be user friendly.
I love the Ninja Forms form creation interface – very nice and clear! But… I've been looking at Gravity Forms, and it seems that it is more robust, but it is less user friendly (More developer oriented) when it comes to creating forms.
Do you have any recommendations? I'm curious to hear what your favorite forms plugins are.
I searched and didn't find anything on this. Apologize if you've covered this in the past. Thank you!

1 Answers
Naman Modi
answered 9 months ago

Despite everything I prescribe you to go for Gravity forms because Gravity forms has for quite sometime been utilized and regarded by probably the greatest brands in the business and is viewed as the most dominant shape building module for wordpress. Gravity shapes have recent experienced challenge which makes one wonder- is it still the general population's frame building module as has it lost its touch.