Product review website: should I download a premade theme or design my own using Elementor?

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QuestionsProduct review website: should I download a premade theme or design my own using Elementor?
asked 2 years ago

Hey Adam,

First off, sorry if this duplicate posts – your contact form seems to have double forms of everything.

So I want to create a product review website and use affiliate marketing and Google Adsense to monetize it. From watching your vids, I loved the ability to customize my website with elementor but am wondering if it will be too difficult to design the site I want with it from scratch (using Astra/GeneratePress/OceanWP as a starting point). Keep in mind this is my first ever website and I'm a non-coder but I am pretty tech-savvy and willing to work hard.

A site I would love to replicate would be

A couple premade themes I've considering using because they have a lot of features I want are:


I'm very happy with the design and features of the explicit theme the way it is out of the box but unfortunately, it has poor reviews for the code quality and support so not sure if that's an immediate red flag?

Here are my main criteria:

Website must Have:

Fast, responsive, SEO friendly structure
Editor review ratings
Comment Section
Use of affiliate links and adsense
A feature I'd like to add is a price drop alert system whereby the user subscribes via email for a specific product they like. When the item goes on sale I will email the list of users that subscribed to that item for that item and provide my affiliate link.
Website nice to have:

User review ratings
Item/Page sorting system based on review ratings
Membership login – for users to track/change items they've signed up for the alert system
So I guess my main questions are:
-Is it possible to add the features I want starting from scratch with either Astra / GeneratePress / OceanWP?
-Can I still use Elementor (or another builder) to tweak one the themes above?
-As my first project, am I better off sticking with a theme that has the features I want to focus on my content creation rather than the technical aspects of designing a website?

1 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

Based on your listed requirements, you are better off going with one of the themes you are looking at that will get you most of the way there. Some of what you want will need to be custom coded, primarily the custom price alerts.