Populating Elementor redirect link with dynamic data

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QuestionsPopulating Elementor redirect link with dynamic data
asked 1 year ago

Hi Adam
I've been very successful using Elementor and Advanced Custom Fields but have run into a problem where Elementor does not provide a way to insert dynamic data into a widget. One example is the redirect link on an email form although there are many that don't accept dynamic data The use is for an Events custom post type which has a different Eventbrite URL for each event. Is there a way to do this, do you know? I had thought of a script in the page header getting the value and inserting it but I wouldn't know where to start.

3 Answers
allansjackson answered 1 year ago

I'm the original poster and there seems to be a fair bit of interest in this question. I haven't solved it but along the way I have found out how to insert multiple ACF values into one text widget (Elementor allows one per widget) using Enhanced Text Widget available as a plugin. You can use that to enter scripts, html and text on pages displaying a custom post type.
You enter ACF field values with the syntax: <?php the_field(‘the_field_name_goes_here'); ?>
I have used this to create an unordered list with text and ACF fields but I reckon you could create a table of data or anything you wanted.

allansjackson answered 1 year ago

P.S. Does anyone agree that Elementor needs a database and tables widget that can display info from MySQL databases, custom post types or anything else that comes along?

answered 10 months ago

Definitely.  Elementor needs to make all elements fully dynamic AND provide an easy integration system/method for use with other plugins WITH COMPLETE code examples.
Thanks for your good work.