Populating Elementor redirect link with dynamic data

QuestionsPopulating Elementor redirect link with dynamic data
asked 1 year ago

Hi Adam
I've been very successful using Elementor and Advanced Custom Fields but have run into a problem where Elementor does not provide a way to insert dynamic data into a widget. One example is the redirect link on an email form although there are many that don't accept dynamic data The use is for an Events custom post type which has a different Eventbrite URL for each event. Is there a way to do this, do you know? I had thought of a script in the page header getting the value and inserting it but I wouldn't know where to start.

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allansjackson answered 1 year ago

I'm the original poster and there seems to be a fair bit of interest in this question. I haven't solved it but along the way I have found out how to insert multiple ACF values into one text widget (Elementor allows one per widget) using Enhanced Text Widget available as a plugin. You can use that to enter scripts, html and text on pages displaying a custom post type.
You enter ACF field values with the syntax: <?php the_field(‘the_field_name_goes_here'); ?>
I have used this to create an unordered list with text and ACF fields but I reckon you could create a table of data or anything you wanted.

allansjackson answered 1 year ago

P.S. Does anyone agree that Elementor needs a database and tables widget that can display info from MySQL databases, custom post types or anything else that comes along?

Burt answered 7 months ago

Definitely.  Elementor needs to make all elements fully dynamic AND provide an easy integration system/method for use with other plugins WITH COMPLETE code examples.
Thanks for your good work.

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