Placement off language switcher polylang

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QuestionsPlacement off language switcher polylang
asked 1 year ago

For my website (, (this is the first thing I've ever made on wordpress) Im using multiple languages.
I use the plugin polylang which does everything quite OK. But I want to change how to switch languages.
Now its with flags in the menu but I would like to have it:

  • above the search box
  • No flags
  • Display it like: NL | FR | ENG
  • When “NL” is active text is gray, the other black

Is this possible? Any other suggestions would be welcome as well!
Thanks in advance

1 Answers
Stratos Karavarakis answered 1 year ago

What theme are you using?
What is the URL?
I cannot know where is the search box so I can't tell you how to put it above.
As for the rest, there is a setting to display names instead of flugs.
You can also disable the display of the current language. I don't think there is a feature to display the currently selected language in gray but it can be done with custom CSS