Passing Information to Contact Form

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QuestionsPassing Information to Contact Form
asked 2 years ago


I'm using

Basically I need about 60 contact forms with different FORM NAMES and different SEND TO email addresses. Other than these two bits of information the forms will be identical. Rather than use 60 separate forms can this be done with 1 form.

Is there a facility or function within a Contact Form where I can pass the two bits of information (FORM NAME and email Address) via a shortcode or function call etc.

One of my Forms might be for BACKGAMMON and to be returned to [email protected]

So I might have

[ContactUs,”BACKGAMMON”,”[email protected]”] or something similar.

Thank You

1 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

You could do this fairly easily with Gravity Forms. For the form, you can configure routing based on a number of variables.