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asked 1 year ago

Hello Adam, 
I have an issue and i hope that you can help me as you have done with your tutorials so many times. 
I am designing the pages of my website and i am seeing that the look is quite different on whether i have the resolution on the default for my MacBook pro (1680*1050) or my preferred resolution (1440*900) or 1920*1200. 
– Which do you think is the optimal to base my design on. I know that there are many different screens out there and it depends but what would your opinion be?  
– As default astra has the content area at 1200px and elementor at 1140px. Are those based on the industry's best practices? 
– Should i design my content based on the 11140px, make sure that my background is full width and keep the resolution of the MacBook pro as the default (1600*900) or should i choose something else?
Thank you. 

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