New Blogvault deal, or Updraft?

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QuestionsNew Blogvault deal, or Updraft?
Anthony Garcia asked 2 years ago

Hey there, I recently bought several codes for MalCare from AppSumo and now there is an add-on deal for BlogVault. I'm moving away from backupbuddy and just wanted to get your opinion on whether jumping on this BlogVault deal is a good idea, or if UpdraftPlus is still the best recommendation?

2 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

The Blogvault deal is pretty good. It's ideal for high activity websites. Updrafts is still be go to solution, I love how it works and how it has never let me down.

skylar woods
answered 2 years ago

Updraft is what I use. Its just the best in my mind but Its biased.

skylar woods
replied 2 years ago

Cloud storge by far is good. Id also look into wpmudevs way of doing it they have the same setup plus more plugins related to wordpress. up to like 50 now.

Anthony Garcia replied 2 years ago

have you used BlogVault before? I actually tried to use Updraft (the free version anyway) today to do a backup of a site I was troubleshooting and wasn’t impressed, but maybe I just need to learn better how to get the most out of it. The BlogVault deal comes with cloud storage though too, so that is good.