Need help with responsive video

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QuestionsCategory: General QuestionsNeed help with responsive video
Manish Jaitly
asked 12 months ago

I need help with this – I am using OceanWP theme with elementor. I want a full width viideo on my homepage and have made a nice home page. With 100% screen resolution everything is fine and hunky dory. But the moment I resize the browser resolution, the layout gets messed up. The home page menu shifts on top of the home page icon and a button on the video radically shifts position, the video remains static and does not change size.  Can you please help me and let me know how I can get a responsive video so that my layout does not get scrambled. I also want to add that in elementor I am using stretch as full length and content width as full as I want the video full width. When I use the boxed option in the section property then the video reduces in size proportionately and the layout does not get scambled however I do not want to use the box option because wide white margins appear on the left and right (I have disabled margins in the page settings by the way). Also I have my own video in my own directory and not a youtube/vimoe video however if the former does not work out I may opt for a youtube video.