What do I need to sell courses with LifterLMS

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QuestionsWhat do I need to sell courses with LifterLMS
asked 2 years ago

Want to sell online courses (with lifterlms), memberships/subscriptions, as well as affiliate/other products. Do I need ALL of the following: lms stripe, lms woocommerce, woocommerce subscriptions? Are any of these unecessary, am I missing anything? Thanks!

1 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

You have to choose between using LifterLMS for checkout or WooComemrce. If you choose LifterLMS you only need the stripe or paypal payment extension, and it already has all the rest.

If you want to use WooComemrce, you will need the WooCommerce extension from LifterLMS, and if you wanted to sell subscriptions, you would need that for WooCommerce.