Questionsmysql 5.6.38 to mariadb migration
John asked 12 months ago

inmotion hosting has migrated to MariaDB. My localhost WordPress site, which I need to migrate, is based on mysql 5.6.38. Even inmotion's tech support doesn't know if my database migration would work or break. (I could try it, but haven't signed up yet, looking for more info first.) Does anyone have experience with this? Thanks!

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Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 11 months ago

I have never had an issue. Should be cross-compatible with no issues.

Stratos Karavarakis answered 11 months ago

Since most migration plugins do not copy and paste the tables but import every cell of every row of the table I also do not think you will have any problem.

Just us any migration plugin and do not import manually (which also may not lead to a problem). And since inmotion hosting does offer money back guarantee there is no risk of trying. Do me a favor. Report back your results so next time we know.

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