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    • Apr 23, 2021 at 5:38 pm #46991

      Hi guys

      I am looking a serious piece of advice from you (including> WP Crafter).

      Sorry in advance I am writing a little long to explain about how my site work and where is the problem so i can get easy non tech help from you guys.

      I have a Multisite network

      Site A (mother site)

      Site B (child site)

      How my Site work?

      My websites (A & B) are membership based site where members can search and find other members based on their user role. To achieve this, I am using these plugins;

      1. Ultimate Members (for custom roles and display members directory).

      2. Woocommerce Subscription & Members (Services are based on 2 Months, 6 Months , & 12 Months). Customer buy services to gain access into “member directory”.

      Note: Each service has own user role e.g. Police, Robber, Banker etc.

      My site B(child) is little deferent in term of currency, Date picker (Persian) and language but rest content is same as site A.

      Site B:

      Language: Persian

      Currency: Rails

      Date Picker: Persian style

      Payment gateway: Zaripal (i am not sure but site B does not support by Paypal & Stripe)


      I want to sync ultimate member data and woocommerce data between sites A & B.

      I want my multisite act as Multilingual. Site A and B or even C should Sync all data each other.

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