Move a live WordPress Site to my Local PC using local by flywheel

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QuestionsMove a live WordPress Site to my Local PC using local by flywheel
Sam Eli
asked 2 years ago

Please how do I move a live WordPress Site to my Local PC using local by flywheel?

So far I have not found any procedure that uses flywheel.

If there is any, a link to that page will also be much appreciated.

Thank you.

4 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

There are several ways to do this, however, I think the easiest would be to use All In One Migration, it's a free plugin. Here is a tutorial:


Adam @ WPCrafter Staff replied 2 years ago

That’s unfortunate. What version of PHP are you using on your hosting account? I would suggest making sure your dev site on Local has the same PHP version.

Sam Eli
replied 2 years ago

Thank you Adam.
I have watched this video and it was very helpful.
But this video is on Migrating from Local PC to a live website.
I am trying to do the reverse.
The problem I have when doing the reverse is that, when I try to import the file I exported from the Live website into my Local PC using the All-in-One Migration tool,during the restoring of databases, it gets to 90% and freezes. I leave the PC on overnight and still it remains at 90%.
What could be the issue? or is there something I am missing.
Any help will be much appreciated.
Thank you.

Patrick Collard, MHR answered 2 years ago

Hi Adam,

A few questions for you:

  1. Is it best practices to use WP Engine staging website feature to develop a new website with Elementor and Astra Theme or should this be developed using a different service? If so, is this what Local by Flywheel is used for? Or do you recommend another developmental website to create websites?
  2. Elementor and Astra Theme can be used on Local by Flywheel or the recommended developmental website, correct?
  3. Once the website is completed then it can be migrated from Local by Flywheel or another developmental website to the appropriate WordPress website, correct?

I have watched a lot of your videos on Youtube and your website. Your videos are very cogent and informative. I will purchase my items through your website (i.e., using the incognito/private tab) to ensure that you receive compensation as you suggest.

Thank you,


Patrick Collard, MHR replied 2 years ago

I reviewed your video again and I realize that some of my questions are axiomatic, but I wanted to make sure that I was thinking about it correctly. Thank you, Patrick

Stratos Karavarakis answered 2 years ago

dows the live website use a SSL? if it does then disable first and then us the all in one migration to take the backup.

if that also does not work I would suggest akeeba. If that does not work then you do it manually

Steve Ash
answered 1 year ago

Just discovered that the All In One Migration vid above is broken or video removed.