Migrating Elementor site

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QuestionsMigrating Elementor site
asked 2 years ago

I’ve created two Elementor/Astra sites for clients after watching your videos, and I want to migrate from my dev server to live hosts next week. I typically move the files, export the DB, edit the URLs, install everything and it works great. But with premium themes or page builders, sometimes there are gotchas with their specific settings. Sometimes you have to export/import theme settings. Sometimes you just have to re-enter everything on the new host. With Elementor, is there anything I should be aware of when migrating, or is it just a straightforward exercise of moving the files and the edited DB?

Many thanks!

1 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

Yea that should work fine, except you usually want to do a find and replace from the dev URL to the live site URL.

Also with Elementor, there is an option in the Elementor tools to change the URL. If there are any issues you should run that tool.