Membership plugin just for restricted view

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QuestionsMembership plugin just for restricted view
asked 1 year ago

Hi. I am building a property website for myself using DIVI, where pre-qualified clients will have to register to see the property portfolios that I have listed. I don't want to do e-commerce and all of the plugins listed seem to be geared towards payments. Mine will only be to (a) a client can register to open an account, (b) I as admin (not mailchimp or any other avenue) will reply advising if they have been approved to open an account and (c) the client then logs into the page to view the properties. Due to the type of properties I will have, I don't want any client to be able to register and then get an email saying they have been approved and allowed to sign in. Can anyone advise what plugin I can get that's not too complicated and is able to do what I am looking for