Members Dashboard CSS Codes

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QuestionsMembers Dashboard CSS Codes
Serwaa Anokye asked 2 years ago

When I put in the codes for the members dashboard – mine does not have the tabs like the one in your video.  The description tab colors are blue as well.  Below is image of what I get when I put in code


2 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

If you added the custom CSS I provided to the customizer, then it should show properly on the front end of your website after you save the page in Elementor.

Of couse, if you are using a caching plugin you will have to flush it.

pinto replied 2 years ago

Hi Adam,
Where i can get this css code to make the tabs view?


pinto answered 2 years ago

Adam, Where i can find this CSS code?