MemberPress Reporting Limitations

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QuestionsMemberPress Reporting Limitations
SuperNova asked 2 years ago

After recently watching your review of Memberpress on Youtube I purchased a copy as an initial trial before I upgrade to the developer version. Generally I'm very pleased and impressed with Memberpress except with regards to the fact that the membership details, transactions and reports etc can only be viewed from the backend dashboard.

There is no facility where any of these reports and information can be viewed from the front end. I prefer to keep users out of the backend of my websites as I believe that is the best approach. I've contacted Memberpress support and they've told me that they have no intention of developing this facility.

Do you have any suggestions how I can deal with this problem or do you have any suggestions that I could consider. For example are there any Membership plugins that provide front end reports.

Ideally I would like to find a database plugin which I can use to develope database tables which can be viewed from the front end. For example a table which simply provides a list of members.

Your advice would be appreciated.

Many Thanks

Phil from the UK

2 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

What type of reporting did you want to offer your users on their activity? There are reports for you, the site owner, but not sure what you would want to show to the actual members on the front end.

The WordPress database is fully accessible. So you could hire someone to build custom reports that you can show your users.

skylar woods
answered 2 years ago

There are MANY Reasons for this, For 1 Emails usernames and sometimes passwords would show. Its for security.