Member Access For Elementor

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QuestionsCategory: ElementorMember Access For Elementor
Rohit Verma
asked 6 months ago

How can I give a member access page for users on my WordPress website?

I want to make separate access to the registered user on my websites like a dashboard where they can access stuff related to their purchase and transaction.

Which plugin should I use for member access?

I am using Elementor Pro. Also, Which plugin should I use as a dashboard for Member access.

1 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 5 months ago

There are several ways to accomplish this. 
Usually, if you have a plugin to sell stuff, such as Woocommerce, you would use what it offers all built-in. 
Now you can use a membership plugin. There are several tutorials here on the best membership plugin and how to use them. 

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