Malcare vs WebArx Security

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QuestionsCategory: WordPress SecurityMalcare vs WebArx Security
asked 1 year ago

Hello,  I recently Bought WebArx Security

I would Like to Know Malcare vs WebArx

Which is Best ?

4 Answers
Stratos Karavarakis answered 1 year ago

WebArx is a firewall and Malcare is a scanner. They are no the same.
Basically if your site is infected you would need Malcare to clean it.
WebArx is a firewall that does not let your non-infected site to be infected (if it is you can clean it with but it will cost extra).

answered 6 months ago

Hi there

WebArx is a firewall and Malcare is a scanner then I have to get both of them to be 100% secure Right?

answered 4 months ago

With both of them I was hacked. They didn't help at all. I suspect the vulnerability was in the webarx plugin. (check the report )
I removed them.

Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 4 months ago

I personally had a really bad experience with WebARX. There was a plugins vulnerability and it did absolutely nothing to stop it. Other tools such as Securi and Wordfence were on top of things, protecting their users, but WebARX was not. Even their own blog was hacked 12 hours AFTER knowing about the issue.

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