LifterLMS vs Woo Commerce Sensei

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QuestionsLifterLMS vs Woo Commerce Sensei
Mr. K
asked 1 year ago

I have Sensei, the LMS by Woo Commerce. I am thinking of switching to the LifterLMS. I teach ukulele and guitar and need have video and downloadable course material. Currently, I use the Avada WPtheme. I watched the wpcrafter video: How To Create An Online Course Membership Website WIth WordPress Free 2016.
I plan to use youtube videos. There was no discussion on how to keep course videos from being randomly accessed on youtube.
If anyone has used Lifter, or Sensei by Woo Commerce and can give me an opinion on which way to go I would appreciate it.

1 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 1 year ago

I do have a comparison here on the site. I would recommend checking that out.

Also here is the 2018 version of that video: