Low cost autoresponder for multiple domains

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QuestionsLow cost autoresponder for multiple domains
Kim Eisen
asked 2 years ago

Hi Adam – thanks for all your videos (really helped me just put up my first two sites with many more to come. I know things change, but I'm at an impasse (i.e. confused) with having to choose an autoresponder/email marketing setup, having one account with various lists or segment for different company sites for a low cost right now. 

I really wanted Convertfox during that special you had, but it's $49 per site would have been cost prohibited (they won't let you send from more than one domain).

So I saw your videos on Mautic which seemed like a good alternative, but I got totally confused on which 3rd party sender to use (i.e. mailgun, sendinblue, sparkpost, Amazon SES, STMP??) and setting up and was wondering if you recommend Mautic anymore? As I'm currently aware hosting companies don't like you to use their hosting as a sending platform for large lists and limit, i.e. 50/hr which diminishes the idea of broadcasts)

My perfect scenario would have one account that I can change the Sent From to applicable domain name in campaigns and preferably not branded by AR company. But right now I am so confused and I thought hearing ideas from you might help me make a decision.  Thank you, Kim

1 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

So there are 2 options for you. First it is important to decide of you just want an email sending platform, or a marketing automation platform. Marketing automation will track everything your visitors do, so you can automate your communication with them. Basic emailing is just for storing subscribers and having a broadcast email or autoresponder.

For marketing automation, I would suggest Mautic with Amazon SES.

For basic email sending, you can go with Sendy.

Kim Eisen
replied 2 years ago

Thank you Adam – you don’t know how much your recommendation means to me. I felt like I could breathe again. Happy Holidays to you and yours. Namaste’ Kim